The micro-learning app for your company

Train your employees without investing in complex platforms.



Exercise your team's knowledge with the most effective technology

  • Micro-content that’s easy, fresh, fun, varied and modern.
  • Mobile training adapted to the new learning models of Z Generation.

For any pedagogical goal

Do you need develop your employees’ skills? Or those related to a new project? Create your microlearning project in minutes, whatever your training need may be: technical, legal, values, processes, compliance or culture, instantly and nearly effortlessly!


Gamification to boost learning

Microgames, challenges, learning levels and rankings. All the dynamics of gamification are designed to improve your training process while helping you achieve a motivated and unified team.


Organizing your training plan has never been so easy



Create your independent training project or manage your apps’ app for different projects or calls.


Organize your content into folders or categories according to your training goals and the types of dynamics you use.


Profile the content of your app and assign roles according to the group your students belong to so they only see what you want them to.

With the ease of an app and the power of an e-learning platform

Easily organize your training program by calls and phases while monitoring micro-elements in a complete and exhaustive way. You can limit the progress of your students according to completeness, grade or time spent on the training actions.


Integrated with your LMS

You can use Bizfit as a complement to your LMS platform and keep track of your training actions under the SCORM standard.


Measure how your students' muscles are growing

  • Evaluate the knowledge of each user by adding independent tests to each of the micro-elements.
  • Analyze the knowledge and learning gap by person, group, content or category.
  • Monitor the increase of Engagement, Participation and Learning of your employees.

Case study

Do you want to know how Bridgestone trained and aligned its entire distribution network with a single app?


And much more for a fit training


Comments, ratings and much more to foster informal learning.


Users can upload their own content and rate those of their peers.

Smart search engine

Any micro-content, available any time with a single click.


Everything is configurable to your training needs, dynamic and look & feel.

Adaptive training

Dynamization and proposal of custom content for each student.


Your courses are available any time, anywhere without needing to be connected to WiFi.

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