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Are you looking for new talents to recruit into the workforce?


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Tired of use complex selection platforms?

Speed up your talent recruitment processes!

Simplify your recruting processes.

Forget about external platforms, manage the recruitment and your new talents from your own recruiting app.

Establish an agile and direct communication channel with the candidates.

Chat one to one with the candidates to inform about the status of their candidacy, the following steps for the selection process or calendar the next interview. Inform any change immediately!

Process optimization.

Organize time more effectively in your selection processes. Qualify candidates and discuss with other team members strengths and weaknesses in their profile.

Facilitates the incorporation into the company.

Streamlines the incorporation processes and increases the autonomy and productivity of your new employees.

Your recruitment processes with just a click!

Unify all your recruitment and selection processes into one platform. With Bizfit, you’ll have all candidate information structured and segmented into a single app, to which you may grant access to all the members of your team involved in the selection process. Simplify the work of your HR department!

All the documentation you need in the palm of your hand!

or review their resume, recommendations, and experience. All the necessary documents in your recruitment processes available with just a click!


Monitor the status of applications instantly

Track the submitted documents and those that have made a better impression on the other members involved in the process. With Bizfit, all statistics and ratings are always available.

And much more!

  • Content organized according to the selection process.
  • External documentation from other platforms or URLs connected to the platform.
  • Test to assess the knowledge of the candidates.
  • Notifications to report all the news in the process.
  • Chat to communicate with candidates.

An app with infinite uses...

Bizfit is

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