Product Catalog

A product catalog always available and updated will facilitate your business goals achievement


Do you have wide range of products?


Do you constantly update the prices of your products with offers and news?


Do you need to quickly communicate special promotions or price changes?


Do you want to immediately communicate any release or product novelty?

Get the most out of your product catalog

Increase the efficiency of your product catalog.

Keep your product catalog up to date so that your team receives any change instantly.

Improve the performance of your commercial team.

With Bizfit all the information your team needs in one accessible tool at any time or place.

Keep your sales force aligned and always up to date.

Bizfit allows each member of your team to easily access all the news of your company or sector. Changes in pricing policy, new products available …, your product catalog always updated!

Notifications to report any change or novelty

Facilitate the work to your commercial team with notifications outside the app that inform of the upload of new products in your cataloges or the news and changes in the existing ones.


Monitor the activity of your sales force

Check that the important information has been consulted and analyze the activity and even the knowledge of your product catalog by your sales force.

And much more!

  • All your product catalog organized in a single tool.
  • News feed to share the latest news with your team.
  • Possibility of valuing the products to identify the most popular.
  • Notifications to inform of the incorporation of new products.
  • Comments service where users can share tips and opinions of customers.

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