Simplify onboarding processes so your new employees can adapt to their position easily and efficiently!


Need to streamline the integration of new employees?


Have you expanded the number of professionals on your team?


Want to automate new employee incorporation processes?


Looking for an onboarding program that’s 100% customizable?

Expedite paperwork and reduce the uncertainty of new employees in one place

Faster and more effective incorporation.

All relevant documentation about your company, its products, procedures… in the palm of your hand.

Improve the performance of your welcome program.

Automate incorporation processes and increase the autonomy and productivity of your new employees.

Evaluate knowledge.

Measure performance, get usage reports and evaluate the impact of your new employees’ training activities.

Retain talent.

New employees may feel overwhelmed if they don’t know how the company works or their tasks are not well defined. With Bizfit they’ll feel more motivated and integrated than ever!

Social and collaborative environment to make them feel part of the team

Your new employees will feel at home from day one. Challenges, levels, rankings …, individual or by teams. Thanks to the dynamics of gamification of Bizfit, your new employees will be known among the rest of the team members, establishing ties and synergies between colleagues. Involve your new employees, while having fun!

All documentation in the palm of your hand!

Manuals, facilities maps, product catalogs, regulations. All the documentation and knowledge of your company in a single app that will facilitate the integration of new employees.


Case study

Do you want to know how ING simplified all its internal processes with a single app?


Instantly monitor progress

Follow up consulted documents or those that have obtained a better rating. With Bizfit, you’ll have statistics about the use and performance of your new employees at your disposal.

And much more!

  • All your company’s information structured and segmented.
  • Training through streamlined and diverse micro-content.
  • 100% customizable platform based on the needs of each user.
  • A place where users can come together to comment and share their experiences.
  • Information on the most visited content and view times.

An app with infinite uses...

Bizfit is

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