Mobile LMS

Promote learning through a unique, participative and collaborative training experience


Do you want to create and manage your own training content?


Do you need to train your employees, but do not want to invest in complex platforms?


Are you looking for an LMS accessible from any device and at any time or place?


Do you want to implement a personalized and interactive training experience?

With the ease of an app and the power of an e-learning platform

Train your collaborators without investing in complex platforms.

Create a training project in minutes whatever your need. Microcontents adapted to the learning models of the new generations of employees.

Encourage participate with a collaborative training.

Comments, evaluations and much more to promote informal learning and collaboration among the members of your team. Increase their feeling of belonging to the company!

Customize the training according to the needs of your team.

Establishes calls and phases. Limit the progress of your students according to the completeness, note or time dedicated to the training actions.

Integrate Bizfit with your LMS.

You can also use Bizfit as a complement to your LMS platform.

Your LMS always available

Exercise your team’s knowledge with the most effective technology, and do it anywhere, anytime. The full capabilities of an e-learning platform with the agility of an app that is available even without an internet connection.


With gamification to boost social learning

Micro-games, challenges, rankings… all the gamification dynamics at your fingertips to facilitate the engagement of your employees with their training and promote their sense of belonging to the team.

Measure the results of your training

Bizfit provides you with access to all the metrics and assessments you may need to check the results of your training program. The engagement, participation, learning of your employees… by individual, group, content, or category.


And much more!

  • Content organized according to the training objectives you have.
  • External documentation from other platforms or urls connected to the platform.
  • Gamification dynamics that facilitate learning.
  • Knowledge radar to assess the performance of your training.
  • Self-evaluations and tests to reinforce what has been learned.

An app with infinite uses...

Bizfit is

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