Train your employees in a simple and fun way that facilitates knowledge retention


Need to train your employees in skills, processes or new products?


Want to promote knowledge about your business values or culture?


Need your team to be constantly updated on a specific subject or technology?


Are you going to implement new software at your company and want your employees to learn how to use it as soon as possible?

Train your employees with the most complete training in the palm of the hand

Exercise your team's knowledge.

Mobile training adapted to new information consumption habits that can be accessed immediately, anytime anywhere.

Affordable and structured training.

Train your team with fresh, fun and modern micro-content that facilitate their understanding and increase the efficiency of your training programs.

Streamline your training programs.

Avoid complex LMS, heavy or difficult-to-upgrade platforms. Simplify difficult procedures and reach users easily and directly.

Measure the results of your training.

Bizfit provides you with access to all the metrics and assessments you may need to evaluate the results of your training.

Mobile training adapted to new learning models

Train your employees while they have fun. Thanks to Bizfit, they will have agile, fresh and fun microcontent in just one click.


Evaluate the results of your training

Discover how it increases the knowledge of each user and measures the results of your training plan.

And much more!

  • Organized content tailored to your training objectives.
  • External documentation from other platforms or URLs connected to the platform.
  • Gamification dynamics that facilitate learning.
  • Knowledge radar to assess training performance.
  • Self-assessments and tests to reinforce learning.

An app with infinite uses...

Bizfit is

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