Internal Communication App

Centralize your employees comunication in a single, simple and informal channel that boosts your company engagement


Do you have a offshore team?


Do you want to set a fast and efficient communication channel?


Do you need all your employees be up-to-date?


Do you want to receive instant feedback of any notification?

Connect and involve your team!

Create a fast and efficient communication channel.

Events, news, birthdays, incorporations or material of interest about your company. Keep your employees informed with microcommunications in your own corporate wall.

Establishes an instant communication channel.

With the Bizfit chat, you can establish individual or group conversations, either by departments, projects or topics. Communicate with your team instantly and effortlessly!

Involves all your team.

Share all the information and news with your employees through a single, simple and informal channel that will keep them up to date no matter where they are.

Listen to your employees.

You will receive comments immediately.

News feed with microcommunications

Events, news, new products, changes in the pricing policy. Keep your entire company informed through your own news feed. Relationship with your employees as do more than millions of users through social networks.


A social environment tailored to your company

Not only will your employees stay up to date on everything that’s going on in your company, but they will also feel they are a part of it. Also, thanks to push notifications outside the app, they’ll get updates in real time, no matter where they are.

Case study

Do you want to know how ING simplified all its internal processes with a single app?


Analyze the impact of your corporate communication

Check the information has been consulted, analyze the completion of your communication actions, the activity and even the knowledge of your users. With Bizfit discover what your employees are interested in.

And much more!

  • Social dynamics that encourage participation with the company.
  • Notifications for the data of the incorporation of new documents.
  • Surveys, satisfaction forms and tests to know the opinion of employees.
  • Comments service where users can share experiences and tips.
  • A meeting channel where employees can share their experiences.

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