Digital workspace

Centralize your company knowledge, training, communication and evaluation in a single app


Do you need to train your employees, but do not want to invest in complex platforms?


Do you want to organize your company documentation in a simple way?


Are you looking for a fast and efficient communication channel?


Do you want to use gamification for training, communication or corporate knowledge projects?

Fit your team with an app that will allow them to create, connect and share from the palm of their hands

Train your collaborators without investing in complex platforms

Create a training project in minutes whatever your need. Agile, fresh and fun micro-content adapted to the learning models of the new generations of employees.

All the documentation that your team needs at the click of a button.

Product sheets, catalogs, presentations, … all the documentation available at any time and place.

Your collaborators always up to date

Share effortlessly all the information you need with your employees, through an agile and direct communication channel.

With gamification to increase engagement

Motivate your employees through a social and collaborative environment that reinforces their achievements and enhances the sense of belonging to the team.

Tailored to your needs!

No matter if you have a start-up or a large multinational, with Bizfit you’ll centralize everything related to the training, internal communication, and knowledge of your company in a social, collaborative, and gamified tool.


A social and collaborative environment to share everything.

Chat, ratings, gamification… and much more to enhance teamwork and a sense of belonging to the company. Leave behind those boring, traditional corporate platforms. With Bizfit, make your employees the protagonists of your company.

With the greatest efficiency and autonomy.

Bizfit is very simple to manage. With our Fit Manager, you can customize and manage your own corporate app with a few simple steps. What’s more, create and edit your own content in a simple way, and check to see if it has been viewed by the team.


And much more!

  • All your training resources in the palm of your collaborators.
  • The documentation of your company organized and segmented according to departments, projects and geographical areas.
  • Your own corporate wall in the mobile of your collaborators
  • Individual or group gamification dynamics.
  • Monitor all the activity of your employees

An app with infinite uses...

Bizfit is

your onboarding programs app your business app your microlearning app your contests app your app for distribution channels