Boost the engagement of your company’s training, communication and documentation projects


Do you need to increase your employees’ participation in the company?


Looking for a game dynamic for a specific project?


Want to increase your employees’ motivation?


Need to multiply the success of your training programs?

Encourage employee engagement with Bizfit!

Learning can be fun.

Facilitate the learning of any kind of knowledge, process, values or business culture with a dynamic and unique experience

All content in a single app.

Your employees can access any type of content, document or training, anytime and anywhere. They’ll always be up-to-date with Bizfit!

Completely customizable.

With Bizfit you can configure your gamification project in an easy, intuitive way to adapt it to your specific needs or goals and make it a success.

Monitor their performance.

Access the use and performance statistics of your employees. Thanks to the reports Bizfit offers you’ll be able to evaluate their results and measure the effectiveness of your gamification project.

Promote teamwork among your employees.

Challenges, rankings, peer challenges… fuel the competitive spirit of your employees and encourage teamwork.

Adapted to your needs!

Microgames, challenges, learning levels and rankings. A gamification project adapted to the needs of your company.


Organize your training plan

Create your independent gamification project or manage your apps’ app for various projects or invitations.

And much more!

  • Individual or group dynamics.
  • Challenges among users to encourage peer-to-peer communication.
  • Rankings by categories (department, region, country, etc).
  • Multimedia questions (video, audio, images, hotspot).
  • Levels based on the number of questions answered and success rate.

An app with infinite uses...

Bizfit is

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