Measure easily and instantly your employess knowledge


Do not know how to measure your last training project' ROI?


Do you want to know if your employees dominate a certain skill?


Do you need to measure the knowledge of new employees?


Do you have a offshore team and need reports of their activity?

Evaluate your team and plan your next project quickly and effectively

Evaluate the performance of your collaborators.

With Bizfit you will have access to all the metrics and evaluations that you need to assess the level of knowledge of your collaborators.

Monitor all the activity of your team.

Access complete metrics, usage statistics and performance of your employees. Thanks to the reports that Bizfit offers, you can evaluate your results and propose new training projects.

Optimize the effort of your employees.

Bizfit keeps you informed of the results of your team, its weaknesses and strengths so you can redirect or support each member of your team in the areas they need.

Involve your employees in the company.

Share the results with your collaborators and get your individual objectives with the corporate objectives.

A wide range of question formats.

Bizfit puts at your disposal all kinds of questions depending on your pedagogical needs or the knowledge that you wish to assess. You may also combine them to your liking to offer your users a unique and dynamic experience.


Motivate your employees in a social and collaborative environment.

Challenges, rankings, levels… or any other gamification dynamic to develop your employees’ competitive spirit and their sense of belonging to the team. Foster achievement and encourage your employees’ knowledge acquisition and involvement.

Completely customizable.

With Bizfit, you can quickly and intuitively configure your assessment project to suit your business needs or the specific goal you may have for your assessment project.


And much more!

  • Knowledge radar to assess the level of knowledge
  • Individual or group dynamics.
  • Rankings by categories (department, area, country …).
  • Multimedia questions (video, audio, images, hotspot).
  • Levels according to the number of questions answered and the percentage of success.

An app with infinite uses...

Bizfit is

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