App for distribution channel

Make the most of your partnership with partners, external partners and distributors. Combine efforts and improve the competitiveness of your company.


Do you need to align your distribution channel so that everyone has the same information?


Do you want to quickly communicate any change or novelties to your distribution network?


Do you need to train an external network of collaborators that is geographically delocalised?


And improve the performance of your distribution channel, while its members have fun?

Align the business conditions of your distribution network

Train your distribution network.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large dealer network or if it is geographically dispersed. With Bizfit, transmit the mission and values of your company through a gamified training. In this way, it will encourage participation and help its collaborators to acquire new knowledge.


With Bizfit, your collaborators will be able to access, create and share autonomously any type of corporate content, such as pricing policies, product catalogs or commercial presentations.

Encourage the participation of your employees in the company.

With your own app for the distribution channel, your entire distribution network will have instant access to any type of document, information and news in the same tool, agile and direct. You can communicate with them through your own wall of microcontents or talk to them instantly thanks to chat.

Encourage the participation of your employees in the company.

Thanks to the social and collaborative environment of Bizfit, involve to your distribution channels in your company. In this way, you will be able to align your individual objectives with the corporate objectives.

With gamification to encourage your engagement with the company

Involve your distribution channel in your company thanks to gamification. With Bizfit, you can create your own contests or games to guarantee the learning and the increase of knowledge. Challenges, rankings, levels, microgames … All the gamification dynamics at your fingertips, in a single app.

News feed with micro-communications

Keep your distribution channel informed of any news, such as events, news, new products, changes in pricing policy… In addition, you can receive immediate feedback from your team through improvement forms, surveys to find out your opinion, and much more!


Case study

Do you want to know how Bridgestone trained and aligned its entire distribution network with a single app?


A collaborative workspace

Good practices, documents, sales objectives. Users can upload their own content and rate those of their peers. You will motivate your employees, through a social environment that will allow them to create, collaborate and share, from the palm of their hand.

And much more!

  • All documents organized in a single tool.
  • Monitor your employees’ activity.
  • Social dynamics that foster the feeling of belonging within the company.
  • Notifications to report the incorporation of new documents.
  • Multimedia questions (video, audio, images, hotspot).
  • Comments service where users can share experiences and tips.

An app with infinite uses...

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